When we installed software to monitor the privacy of our personal web research machines, we discovered that practically every move we made was being monitored by someone, somewhere.  We decided to do something about it.  The result is what follows.  You are welcome to use it if you wish.

The Important Facts About Anthrax!

Your phone may not be bugged but your COMPUTER IS!

Every time you search the web, someone is watching.  A Profile is being created on you based on the sites you visit.  You can protect your privacy while searching the Internet with your own Privacy Wall.  It's Free, it's easy to use.

Protecting your Web Privacy while searching the Internet is easy and it’s free.  We have created a convenient search tool that can both simplify and protect the security of your search sessions.  We have posted this information for our employees and distributors, but if you find it you are welcome to use it.  Just follow the few simple steps below and if you like, print this  page for reference.

  Your may set Security Search Page Automatically by clicking here then scroll to the bottom of the page and click.

Set Mail-Guard as your home page

OR---you may follow the directions below.

  1. Right click your Internet Icon (probably Internet Explorer)
  2. Click Properties
  3. On the General tabs under Home type http://www.mailguard.org
  4. Click OK


You may also access your “Internet properties” page through your control panel and the Internet Options Icon.  The object is to make www.mailguard.org your home page and your place to begin your internet searches.  By entering the search engines through this “back door” the trail back to you leads to a dead end instead of your personal computer.  If you don’t mind the fact that a virtual encyclopedia is being created about you via your personal search habits, then don’t bother, but if you care about your privacy this is a good bet.  We like this page just because it gives us such a convenient platform to select a search engine that is most likely to yield the results that we are looking for.  Anyway, we hope this tip can put your mind at ease a bit about your personal security.  It works for us.  The page you will be saving is duplicated below.  Click some buttons and check it out. Hope you like it---Happy Surfing!

Security Mail

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